Mission Statement  

  Phil Campbell Elementary School

Mission Statement


It is our mission to create a community of learners where teachers and students are excited about learning. A place where all stakeholders are focused on empowering children to become lifelong learners who are college and career ready. We are a school that believes...


"Hand in Hand, Together We Can!"




Phil Campbell Elementary School 

Purpose Statement 

At Phil Campbell Elementary School our purpose is to work together as a team to help all children reach their potential.  It takes all stakeholders (parents, students, staff, and community) to help all of our children become college and career ready. We recognize that all children are not on the same level, but it is our job as a team to help them all achieve success. Parents, teachers, and community leaders work together on our Title I Parent Involvement Team to review and develop ongoing school improvements to meet this goal. Our staff also plays a key role by not only being trained, but by effectively implementing best teaching strategies. This includes continuously assessing, both formatively and summatively, and using this information to drive instruction. If what we are doing is not working, then our strategies must change. Based on data, we will scaffold students as needed to build skills and move them to independent success. We will also accelerate learning for those who are grasping the concepts and challenge them to a higher level. Differentiated instruction is essential. Our school works hard to keep parents apprised of student progress and how they can help at home. The community supports our students through participation in school activities. At PCES, the teachers, parents, students, and community believe:

  • Hand in Hand, Together We Can!
  • Strive for Everyday Excellence-One Child at a Time!
  • High Expectations Equals High Success!



 Our Vision 

The vision of Phil Campbell Elementary School is to become a place where every day excellence occurs through the diverse programs that meet the needs of all learners.



  About The School  



Who WE Are

  • 454 power-packed, ready-to-learn PreK-6th grade students
  • 52 power-packed, ready-to-teach faculty and staff members
  • 1000 power-packed, ready-to-partner community members
  • ARI Site
  • AMSTI Participate/Pilot Site
  • Pre-K Model Site
  • Pre-K AMSTI Model Site
  • Alabama Arts Initiative Site


What WE Believe

  • Hand in Hand, Together We Can!
  • Strive for Everyday Excellence-One Child at at Time!
  • High Expectations Equals High Success!